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Sunday, March 13th, 2005
12:16 am - Framebuffer Effects and Render Targets

A new feature in beta 08 is the ability to add 'render targets' to a camera. Render targets are basically extra offscreen images that you can choose to draw things to. Each sprite in a map can have a particular render target that it is drawn to. There was already a simpler version of this functionality built into the lighting engine, so that you could have sprites drawn directly to the lightmap instead of being drawn to the screen. That allowed you to have custom glows and such applied to your lighting.

Anyway, with the render target feature, you can pull off some particularly neat effects. Tonight I made some changes to the explosion example to test it out. I added a render target, and then changed it so that a white sprite was drawn to the render target around each explosion. Then I made a blurred copy of the screen, and used the contents of that render target as a mask.

You can see a short video clip of it here:
http://fury2.luminance.org/files/explosion_v4.avi (encoded with xvid). It's somewhat subtle, so you might want to zoom in.
And, once again, for the video impaired:
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Hopefully it will be possible to do some other cool things with this feature in the future - this is just the first thing I was able to think of.

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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
12:27 pm - New Example: Explosion (cont.)

Updated video of the example:


Shows off pushable objects (you'll notice you can't push multiple objects at once yet) and a few other improvements to the example.

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Sunday, March 6th, 2005
8:38 am - New Example: Explosion

Spent a couple hours this morning putting together a new example for Beta 08 named Explosion. It demonstrates using a little bit of scripting to make explosions that destroy sprites. There are also sprites that explode when they're destroyed, so you can make nice little chain reactions.

Overall, it took me about two hours to create from start to finish.

You can check out a video of it here:

Or, for the AVI-impaired, a screenie:
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Also, a friend suggested adding lighting, so I spent a few minutes enabling the lighting engine, so you can see that here:
It looks better than I expected.

The videos require the XVid codec, so Click Here if you don't have it.

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Friday, March 4th, 2005
9:19 am - User Data, pt. 1

New feature for Beta 08: User Data. The User Data system allows you to save objects and data to .f2data files, and view/modify them in the editor. A combination of some special tricks and a little bit of assistance from you allows the editor to be able to understand your data almost automatically.

Here, for example, is the User Data editor viewing a custom party member object contained within a Fury2Party object:
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And, if you desire a more streamlined or flexible interface, you can create it, using the Custom UI system (based on the engine's UIKit plugin):
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